About us



No Filter No Glory is the result of an Instagram hashtag that became so much more than just a statement. Created by Tim Goedhart, #nofilternoglory means that, there's a unique story hidden behind every one of his photos. Using mainly mobile photo editing apps for adding filters, presets and enhancements, the workflow is just as unique.

Kjell Verschuren turned this idea into a webshop concept and not much longer the No Filter No Glory company was founded!

Every photo you see on the website is an authentic and genuine result of Tim's #nofilternoglory process. To make sure print quality can be guaranteed, all images are carefully printed by No Filter No Glory itself or trusted partners.


We believe in the power of printed products! Photographers who shoot on film will understand the feeling you get when a photo is printed! It's a great way of preserving and protecting a moment or memory. But we also feel strongly about the environment. Therefore we make sure a tree is planted in global reforestation projects with every purchase you make! 


''#nofilternoglory represents the creative process and work that goes into every photo and therefore we believe we should approach the printing process in a similar way.'' 

- Tim Goedhart, co-founder of No Filter No Glory